Available in Small and Large starting from just $91 – $317 including GST plus freight charged extra. Check the full range of generic teardrops below or send a Custom Design enquiry.

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Product Description

The ideal way to promote your business
Our Windblades are an attractive eye catching alternative to traditional signage. Available in Small and Large and starting from just $105 – $365 with GST per set.

 If you require a Custom Design flag,  XL size or different mount option send us your enquiry. Call 09-620 5995 or send us an email to [email protected] today!

Single-Sided Flags
With Single-Sided printing, we print the art once and the image transfers to the reverse side and the text appears as a mirror image on the reverse side;

Double-Sided Flags
We print 2 images on special light blocked polyester and combine them to create a double sided flag. With the double-sided flag, the text reads correctly on both sides.

Color Options
Our flags come in a range of standard colors or nominate your own colors.
*Colors are printed using the CMYK or PMS and can vary slightly to those specified.