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Life of a Flag

Prevailing conditions will largely determine the length of the life of a flag. A flag that weathers extreme conditions will not last as long as a flag flown in temperate climates. Ultra violet rays and high winds cause the breakdown of fibres in flags, particularly the sewn edges at the extremities.

The life of a flag also depends upon its flying time. A flag that is flown constantly (24 hours per day) cannot last as long as a flag flown from dawn ‘til dusk. It must be recognised that the flying time of a constantly flying flag is more than doubled, thus its life is considerably reduced.

Flags can be expected to last between 6 and 9 months, however they have been known to last 2 years. They have also lasted less than 3 months on occasion, having been damaged by severe conditions, or by hitting against a roof or a wall during flying.

To lengthen the life of your flag, ensure that it flies freely. It should not be impeded by surrounding structures. It is important that it is properly attached to the pole so that it does not wrap itself around it repeatedly. If you wish to maximise its life, bring it in each evening and in bad weather.


There are many different methods for manufacturing flags, with the three most commonly used methods outlined below, please note that we no longer manufacture Fully sewn flags as they have been replaced with screen and digital method of manufacturing.

 Screen printed Digitally printed Fully sewn
 Quantity 5 plus 1 or more 1 to 4
 Construction Designs are screen printed onto white fabric with a separate screen per colour Designs are digitally printed onto a white fabric using a direct to fabric water based reactive dye Experienced machinists sew coloured fabric onto both sides of the flag fabric forming a unique design
 Fabrication Polyknit or Bunting Polyknit German made fabric Polyknit or Bunting
 Size Up to 4m x 1.4m Up to 100m x 1.8m
 Colour Any colour Any colour
 Advantages Fantastic colour reproduction and penetration. Economical for large quantities and repeat orders. Can reproduce photographic and complex images
 Disadvantages Can be uneconomical for small quantities due to initial setup costs. Ideal for small quantities e.g. 1 to 20 units100% colour penetration.


The Flagz Group uses only the best quality fabrics, created to withstand New Zealand’s high UV levels which we have manufactured in Germany. We are happy to recommend the fabric and construction method that will best suit your particular flag requirement.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Top grade specialist flag fabric
  • 100% Polyester
  • Medium weight knitted fabric
  • High surface sheen


  • Ideal for windy conditions or continuous use
  • Top grade specialist flag fabric
  • 100% Bunting
  • Heavy duty woven fabric
  • Low surface sheen

Screen Printing

Beginning with cutting rubylith film to match supplied artwork, in this process each colour of dye is forced through a separate screen following a pre-prepared stencil pattern. Each colour requires a separate stencil and enables a high density image to be produced.
Flagz Group is the only flags and banner manufacture in New Zealand using a state of the art direct to fabric digital print machine using a water based reactive dye. For flags that will be exposed to the elements, it offers the ultimate mix of print quality and durability, the dyes are applied with precision, embedded in the fabric and oven baked.

Flagz Unique Fabric

Unable to find a fabric that met their preferred quality Flagz Group developed in conjunction with one of the largest fabric manufacturers in Germany a high quality durable fabric for both digital and screen printing.  They used their thorough understanding of the substrate specifications needed to achieve vibrant, clear images and to tolerate New Zealand’s outdoor conditions.

The goals were to optimise the strike through rate of dyes, overcome colour variations between printed and reverse sides and create a long lasting product for exposed situations.  The new fabric is so successful that it is now marketed worldwide.

Flagz Group has retained exclusivity in New Zealand and continues to manufacture this product offshore.  The fabric lasts up to 50% longer in New Zealand’s unyielding sunlight and is available to their customers.


Taking responsibility for the impact on the environment is integral to all of Flagz Group operations. Flagz is a member of the Sustainable Business Network and accordingly constantly reviews and improves products and practices, Flagz print processes use only water based vegetable dyes.