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Sustainability Policy

At Flagz Group we are doing our best to be responsible in all aspects of our business. This includes upholding the following key principles all the way through our supply chain:

Responsibly made in New Zealand

It is a cornerstone of our business that we make our products in our factory in Auckland. We design, print, sew and finish our flags inhouse. This minimises our carbon footprint, allows us to maintain high-quality control standards, and creates local jobs.

Supplier’s subject to rigorous due diligence

We ensure that our international fabric mills and hardware suppliers uphold strict standards of environmental management, chemical and water use, greenhouse gas emissions and working conditions guaranteed by their directors. We have been working closely with the same international fabric mills for over 20 years to develop our proprietary fabric and pre-COVID would visit their factories multiple times a year to ensure the highest standards are being maintained. On our last visit in 2019, we were given a tour of their state of the art water treatment facility.

Minimising and chemical and water use

We are committed to restricting the use of hazardous chemicals in our supply chain. We use only water-based inks and dyes in our printing processes as they are less harmful to the environment. We also strive to minimise water usage throughout our printing process by batch washing flags and we have a water treatment system in place for any runoff.

Fabric waste

We strive to minimise waste from our manufacturing process and to create a circular economy. Fabric scraps are collected in the sewing room and are repurposed wherever possible. They are typically used to make pet beds. Recently, we have also been using them to make facemasks.

Repairs and recycling

Our sewers are experts at repairing damaged flags. We encourage our customers to return their flags to us if they are showing signs of wear, so that we can patch them up and extend their life. At the end of a flag’s lifecycle, we offer a flag recycling service where we take our customer’s old flags and repurpose them if possible.

Using conscious packaging

We use recycled cardboard to package and ship our orders. We are working on finding a better alternative for our flag sleeves that will protect them in transit.